Model United Nations

Model United Nations

Involving the Ghanaian child in the discussion of global issues

Life-link runs annual Model United Nations conferences for all educational level (JHS, SHS and Tertiary Level) in Partnership with the UN system in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Every year, Life Link Friendship Schools Ghana, organizes series of Model UN programs for Junior and Senior High Schools as well as Tertiary institutions to train future diplomats, teaching them about global issues, negotiation skills, leadership and crisis resolution.

To date Life-Link Ghana has organized twenty (25) Model UN Conferences for children and the youth in Ghana. Life-Link has also participated in several international Model UN Conferences including Model UN Conference at the United Nations Headquarters and the US state Department. Life-Link delegations have won 20 awards in all events.

LTMUN Conference


Life link Friendship schools over the past 16 years has been committed to providing a platform for young people to be groomed as future leaders .Leaders whose principles, ideals and philosophy can greatly contribute to the world we want to see. At our tertiary conference we create a great platform for students to learn, socialize and establish networks. We are indeed very happy to host you this year.

As we officially open applications for the fifth session of this year’s conference, our team promises delegates and faculty advisors the very best of this year’s LTMUN conference. The entire team has been working tirelessly towards organizing a great conference as we always do. Over the years, several tertiary institutions both locally and international have participated in our tertiary conference. Our delegation have also had international Model UN experience with the most recent at the Harvard National Model United Nations conference(HNMUN) in Boston,USA.

JHS Model UN Conferences


JHSMUN is an annual non-residential conference held on UN Day (24th October) every year. It hosts about 200 delegates from basic schools across Ghana and beyond.
Interesting topics are selected to be debated by junior students and the rules used are easy and flexible for them to navigate with. Life-Link Friendship Schools-Ghana, the organizers of JHSMUN is a Non-Governmental organization actively involve in developing the Ghanaian youth in Leadership, Team work and United Nations Programs and proceedings.

Life-Link Model UN programs have been endorsed by the United Nations office in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as good avenues that provide understanding of the work of the United Nations, build skills in diplomacy, and provide preparation resources for delegates. Currently, Life-Link runs annual model UN conferences for Junior and Senior High Schools in partnership with the UN system in Ghana and the Ministry of Communications.

HS Model UN Conference


The Lifelink High School Model United Nations (HSMUN) is the academically tagged second cycle edition of Lifelink Model UN. Just like any other MUN, is an educational extracurricular conference that gives high school students the opportunity to role-play actual UN delegates representing their respective member state at the UN Mission.
This year, we are privileged to host over 250 students both locally and internationally to attend a 2-day session at the Accra International Conference Centre, from the 4 to 5 of January 2018. The conference is well staffed with members of the secretariat working assiduously to ensure that delegates’ expectations are met during the conference. This year’s conference shall simulate the 2nd and 3rd committees of the UN General Assembly, namely; the Economic and Financial Committee and the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee.
This is the 2nd of its kind, with higher stakes, and as such, we hope to deliver an exhilarating Model UN experience.

What does HSMUN entail?

Prior to this conference, delegates are assigned specific UN committees and asked to undertake intensive research with respect to a particular global topic relevant to the UN Committee assigned. The topic is discussed in detail at the conference, putting together insightful solutions to address the problem/issue at hand in the form of a draft resolution/convention. Throughout this conference, delegates are required to exhibit exquisite skills in lobbying and negotiation, in order to reach a global consensus.

Why Should I be a Delegate in this year’s HSMUN?

At the end of this conference, well-deserving delegates are acknowledged for their unwavering contribution towards international service. These delegates then qualify to attend and participate on an international platform.

MUN serves as the perfect foundation to sharpen one’s public speaking skills. The procedure enlightens you on how to lobby and negotiate effectively as a representative or delegate in any committee or organization.

Students create for themselves, a stronger and more influential network of friends at these conferences.

Finally, it builds you up for any future career or aspiration, by giving you the platform to explore your leadership potentials.

Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN)

Ghana has for the fourth year running, participated in the prestigious Harvard University National Model United Nations (MUN) Conference in Boston, USA.

Founded in 1955, Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) is the largest, oldest, and most prestigious of the Model UN Conferences held in major locations around the world. Staffed entirely by Harvard College undergraduates, HNMUN brings over 3,000 students and faculty together from colleges and universities around the world to simulate the activities of the United Nations. HNMUN offers a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of international negotiation and diplomacy.

Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference

Global Classrooms is an innovative educational program that engages public middle school and high school students in an exploration of current world issues through interactive simulations and curricular materials. Global Classrooms cultivates literacy and leadership as students explore important topics such as peacekeeping, sustainable development and human rights During class simulations of the United Nations (UN) Security Council and other UN organs, students tackle global concerns including poverty, refugee protection and the environment as they role-play country, interest group, or nongovernmental organization positions.

  • M.U.N conference sort to build in us leadership and interpersonal skills for national development, I say a big thank you to the secretary-general and the supported staff for the good work done. This program was great, very interesting and educative.
    Fiifi Botchway
    Fiifi Botchway
  • I liked everything that happened especially the way we were able argue on certain issues and finally found solutions to them at last.
    Nana Ama Marfoa
    Nana Ama Marfoa
  • Model United Nations has been very interesting… I love it and always want to be apart of it.
    Vera Achiaa Darko
    Vera Achiaa Darko
  • Working with other staff members was a wonderful experience.
    Josephine Conduah
    Josephine Conduah
  • …we had team spirit…and the kids were great, I was impressed with their level of commitment.
    Lebene Ledi
    Lebene Ledi
  • …it was challenging seeing delegates’ debate professionally and exhibit basic model UN procedural rules to reach a consensus.
    Bernice Yeboah
    Bernice Yeboah
  • …the conference was a roaring success… the delegates were well informed, eloquent and brilliant!
    Aurelia Asare
    Aurelia Asare
  • …it has been interesting working with students from different regions with diverse perspectives and ideologies
    Ese Adjabeng
    Ese Adjabeng

Junior High School MUN Conference

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JHS MUN Conference

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