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Life-Link Friendship Schools

Life-Link Friendship Schools Ghana in line with the objectives of Life Link International continues to pioneer efforts to involve the Ghanaian child in the discussion of global issues, as well as providing information and educational materials for the NGOs, the media, and the public at large.
Life-Link Ghana also hosts the African Regional Office (ARO) of Life-Link International. It has been actively involved in the work of informing and educating children and the youth in Ghana. It does this by organizing open discussions and school training, symposia, seminars, workshops, projects and conferences such the MUN Conference. It currently has membership of over 3500 in Ghana..

Model United Nation

Currently, Life-link runs annual Model United Nations conferences for all educational level (JHS, SHS and Tertiary Level) in Partnership with the UN system in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The respective TV shows are for all educational level dubbed “The Delegate”, “The Ambassador”, “The Diplomat”. To date Life-Link Ghana has organized twenty (20) Model UN Conferences for children and the youth in Ghana. .

International MUN

Harvard MUN - Global Classroom

Life-Link has also participated in several international Model UN Conferences including Model UN Conference at the United Nations Headquarters and the US state Department. Life-Link delegations have won 15 awards in all events.


LTMUN Conference

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